This is a list of our most frequently asked questions.
What is CstoreOS?
CstoreOS is a cloud system solution for gas station owners and operators. This is the next generation of gas station business and it can help you eliminate up to 7 hours spent daily on paperwork.
We help you be in control of your business and monitor every aspect of your businesses in real time and from anywhere in the world. CstoreOS
has been developed to help save you money and time remarkably.
How much does it cost?
CstoreOS fees structure and features are listed below:
We have chosen PayPal as our payment gateway as security is our top priority. The monthly fee will be set up as auto draft.
CstoreOS is very affordable considering the amount of work it does for you. You will not believe it until you use it. Return on investment starts the moment you join. It's a breath of fresh air for those who are struggling with the management of time between running all aspects of a multi-station business model.
CstoreOS will let take you to the next generation of how convenience stores and gas station businesses are operated. Get a quote today!
All you need to do is call us at (254) 659 9241 or email us at and we will set up your store instantly while we are on the phone. You can be using our amazing solution almost immediately.
Where did the idea come from?
When we were in the gas station business struggling to find the proper tools to help in our daily business routine tasks starting from piled up paperwork to keeping finances under control costing us significant time and money. We started with the first simple google form, creating employees schedules and a day close reporting system, it worked well and there was no stopping to create more useful online tools to help us. We took our idea to the next level almost instantly.
Are you a multiple c-store owner/operator? Do you deal with too much paperwork? With CstoreOS, you can eliminate as much as 96% of your paper piles. (Figures based on case study involving current CstoreOS registered users) Saving you time and money is our specialty. We have automated the service station operation giving you the ease to run multiple locations centrally and with 100% accuracy. Call us today! (254) 659 9241
How did the idea come about?
We love being organized as much as we love running a smooth operation to save time and money while growing the business. We found the opportunity to create a well customized operating system that can complement businesses and give operators and owners the right tools to succeed in the field. We decided to adopt the challenges by creating ways to grow by saving time! We created CstoreOS to solve many simple problems like:
  1. Time and effort wasted in daily paperwork - CstoreOS is completely paperless. You can save or download your reports any form you like, anytime and from anywhere!
  2. Maintenance emergencies and actions took long. with CstoreOS employees can send emergency reports instantly notifying owners and operators, who can further forward the emergency to the proper channel and take action almost instantly.
  3. Lack of control over dollar expenses, CstoreOS has the tool to view your store performance and predictions in well-structured performance monitor tool.
  4. Keeping up with vendors - with the vendor log tools you can add and customize your vendor list and keeping the record of expenses.
  5. Saving and protecting your data, CstoreOS is a very secure operating system using advanced security standards.
  6. Employees training challenge- We created training tools to make training easier and better, saving you time and money.
  7. Creating and hanging schedules - With CstoreOS, you can create your schedules and assign tasks and send it to everyone's email in less than ten minutes per store.
These and many more helpful tools together constitute CstoreOS being a complete system.
What other services are you compatible with?
We are compatible with - a free hiring tool to add to your business. is a new future tool to reach uncountable vendors around you and place your orders within clicks.
Are you hiring?
Absolutely, yes. If you're a talented UX designer or passionatesales executive, we want to talk to you. Check out our careers page.
I have technical problem or support issue that I need to be resolved, who do I email?
Contact our admin directly within the system dashboard or by sending your request directly to email
Who can see my data?
All data are private and secured in your customized store page. You have the complete access to it and can give access to an operator. You as the owner decides who sees what.
When are you going to develop an app?
We are currently studying this idea and the platforms, but currently we have nothing to announce.
When are you going to release an update?
Version 2.0 is under development. We will announce the date very soon.
LAST UPDATED: 9/20/2017