CstoreOS is a secured, high tech, top of the line operating system that comes fully equipped with tools needed to make your business reach its highest potential ever! Founded in 2015, our team came together from different parts of the world and collaborated in the creation of a perfectly fitted operating system to take your c-store businesses to the next level. With a vast management, IT and design background and passion for automation and technology, our team has turned hard work and experience into a professional paperless operating system, dedicated to giving you the very best, with the focus on remarkable saving of time and money.

CstoreOS has pioneered a simple yet effective way to analyze raw data using a simple data model that we invented. As a c-store owner or operator, you can pin point your store weaknesses and strengths instantly at a glance, any time of the week, day or night, from anywhere!


‘I believe that well-designed ideas spur from actual experiences. CstoreOS came to life to accomplish a better operation in the gas station business and achieve pure successld. The idea of a well-structured operating system was farfetched when I was in the business, and having these ups and downs and struggles to operate a convenience store from nothing was a big challenge! The experience made it clear that without the proper operating tools it’s very difficult to tackle the daily problems without running into another problem. I believe failure is not the opposite of success, but part of success and the main drive to the creation of CstoreOS.

We have collaborated with the best web developers from different parts of the world and spent 6 months executing the idea of what was once a dream to today’s real deal.CstoreOs will not only change the way you handle your business but also draw the understandings to overcome the challenges in the business with better view and ease to grow. With the customers satisfactions we have received I believe CstoreOs has proved to be a revolutionary operating system to have such great effects on our customers. What we did was create the next generation of gas station businesses that all business owners should definitely adopt.

What are the capabilities of CstoreOS?We’ve built combined systems that are integrated dynamically together to give operators one complete monster system that has the capabilities to do numerous tasks within clicks. Savings on time and money is remarkable.It literally covers all parts of your business and is specially structured for multiple location business owners’ needs and gives these owners absolute control over all their business locations easily. CstoreOS tools will help with paperwork hassle, easy scheduling, smart clocking in and out for your employees, combined with daily tasks you customize, well-structured bird eye of the store and team performances, and the best analytical view of your store. These and many other great tools together build this solid platform. CstoreOS carries everything you need in managing and operating your business! It will give owners and operators the insight and peace of mind in running the businesses.

When designing CstoreOS we have considered the flexibility of using the system from anywhere using everyday devices like laptops, smartphones, PCs or tablets. The goal is to have zero limitations when wanting to stay on top of your business, and that is exactly what we have achieved. Be part of the next generation of gas station businesses, CstoreOs is a breakthrough in the way gas station businesses are managed and operated.’

M. Khawaja

Founder and CEO